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Tasman Van Fitouts is focused on creating bespoke campers designed and fabricated in Dodges Ferry, Tasmania. We pride ourselves on unique, creative, and quality builds with attention to detail and a hard-working attitude. Our growing small business is operated by Harrison who has 16 years of trade experience in the recreational vehicle, marine, and carpentry industries. Harrison is fully licensed in Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing and Marine-Craft construction. 

With all builds, Tasman Van Fitouts will analyze the project design to meet Australian requirements, such as roadworthiness, and the Australian Design Rule (ADR). 

At Tasman Van fitouts, we build your campers and food vans to suit your needs on the road, or where you're parked! We can take sketch ideas and help you formulate your ultimate recreational vehicle for a price that suits your budget. We also use an array of innovative design solutions and options making any weekend getaway or working on the road more enjoyable.We hope to keep an open and honest dialogue with our customers taking pride in customer communication and their satisfaction.

Leave it to us and we give it back completely finished for you to hit the road! Tasman Van Fitouts aim to make it a stress-free process for all of our clients. 

Engineered for durability without compromise.

We can work with you from start to finish or you can just leave it to us. We use lightweight material, quality products and trusted 12V technology and brands.  Utilize techniques that have been proven time and time again in the industry. 

Certified Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer, this qualification certified herein recognized within the Australian qualification framework.

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